Muhammad Firdaus Bin Hasnol Hadi is from Johor, Malaysia. Fondly known as Daus, he is currently completing his studies at UPSI Perak, Malaysia. Firdaus first fell in love with photography when he was in secondary school, he was captivated by the depth of meaning behind every photograph and its potential storytelling capabilities. He uses photography to express his thoughts and stories that he can’t put into words easily.

A fun fact about Firdaus: he started sharing his Mobilegraphy works back in 2017, and made the switch to a digital mirrorless camera recently in 2020. Although he prefers the outcome and effect of an analog camera, but the process and development of film has proven to be too pricey. For now, Firdaus has settled with his choice of using the Fujifilm X-T1 as his companion as he ventures and progresses into the world of photography.

Connect with Firdaus on Instagram @frdxuz.


111 KM

RM 66.00

Nenas Land

RM 66.00

Historical Highway

RM 64.00

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