Wildflower Culture

Carissa Gan is a content strategist and copywriter based in Malaysia. When she’s not crafting copy for brands, she’s creating abstract art on @wildflowerculture. Her love for colors propelled her to start painting in 2020, and she discovered her creative freedom in the middle of a national lockdown. A few months later, Wildflower Culture was born.

“I was never good at drawing or painting objects, so for the longest time, I never dared to consider myself an artist since I couldn’t paint like everyone else,” the self-taught artist admitted, “But one day, I found the courage to just apply colours on paper, and that was how I started painting. I began to create what I love, which is a collection of colours through wild brushstrokes and textures. ”

Like wildflowers, her art expresses the courage to bloom with confidence – unapologetic, unrestrained and deeply rooted in a culture of creative expression that values progress over perfection. Each artwork tells its own unique story. She enjoys experimenting with a variety of tools and mediums, with her current favorites being watercolours, acrylics and oil pastels.

Her art is mostly inspired by earthy tones, buttery sunlight, poetry, music, stormy skies and nature. She is wildly passionate about God, coffee, photography, dogs, sunsets and stories with a good twist.

Connect with Carissa on Instagram @wildflowerculture.


Into The Wild

RM 66.00

Oceans 01

RM 66.00

Oceans 02

RM 66.00

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